A Balloon-carried light effect is a special kind of effect specifically possessed by a balloon, which can be fixed with a string to any ground surface or left free flying. Sometimes they might also be misunderstood as UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) with which aliens are said to have a connection. Many people might also think of them as being something unusually flying in the sky that does not have any defined specific origin.

Balloon-carried light effects are not at all dangerous unlike the fireworks; they can be easily used without any kind of safety concerns at various events which may consist of a lot of people. This is because unlike fireworks, they do not require the use of any kind of hazardous or any flammable substances. The brightness of the balloon bound lamp light is much lower when some non-dangerous light sources are used. There are many non-dangerous light sources such as light sticks or battery-powered lamps.


Fireworks have their special aura and are most particularly used in festivals, marriages, and other ceremonies. We know that the balloon-carried light effects cannot replace the fireworks, but they can on one hand at least supplement them. Thus, it is because the balloon lamps have long lighting time and the time increases much more if light sticks or battery-operated lamps are used and also because of their safety factor. To see or realize that a balloon-carried light effect is taking place, one or more balloons are used in combination which is capable of carrying a light stick or a small battery-operated lamp. This is done so that the weight might not increase to such an extent that it brings the balloon back down, in short, to decrease the balloon from being overweight by the lights. There is also a possibility in which we can insert one or two small light sticks into a transparent balloon.


The Fireworks that are used nowadays in various events and parties are very harmful and are highly flammable, even a small spark around them can cause a big mishap that might become very difficult to control and can cause harm to a great extent. Besides this the fireworks nowadays cause a lot of noise and air pollution; in Metropolitan cities this has been a great threat and the government has in recent times taken great measures to control air pollution.

In Metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the smoke that is generated from the fireworks has caused great human hazards and has posed them problems of respiratory circulatory and caused other physical as well as biological hazards. People in these cities wear masks and also cover their faces when they move out of the house owing to so much pollution in the environment. The government has even banned some of the fireworks and has kept a limit on the burning of the fireworks in marriages or any other religious ceremonies.


These fireworks not only cause air pollution but also causes problems with sound pollution. Unnecessary burning of Huge fireworks may cause temporary or permanent hearing problems. Not only people with old ages but also young people of around 20 years are facing such kind of hearing problems. Although, the government has taken some measures against this yet the problem remains unsolved in a large part of India. The light balloons have a great advantage when compared to both of these problems and various environmental threats. They are not harmful as they do not give out gases harmful gaseous emissions as well as do not produce unnecessary noises. They can not only be used for recreation but also can be used for decoration on many occasions.


In the case of larger balloon-carried light effects, it is also possible to use tethered balloons, which may contain an electric cable power supply. Sometimes these are also called Artificial moons and these artificial moons may also be used in case of floodlighting. The balloon carried light effects may sometimes be used in case of an open-air concert and in many similar events where such kind of lightning or any decoration of such kind is required. A place where the balloon carried light effects were used was at the Gabin Tower Memorial Festival held in August 2006. In the case where light balloons are required for film and events, they use the balloons that are suspended with air-filled in them or are tethered floating with helium-filled inside them. For the outdoor purpose, the balloon uses a balloon that has approx. two-meter diameter and a specific watt halogen tungsten lights inside it, which rises about 10 m and can withstand only calm winds.

Other uses of the balloon carried light effect might include fixed or pole balloon which is spread just like an umbrella with the upper half reflective coating and the lower half one is a semi-opaque kind of surface, light construction sites on the highways that especially help during night time, or on the sites of accidents in case of any emergency.


The balloon carried light effect has been of great recreational importance. In some part, it has beautified the surrounding landscape view around it while in some part it has been the topic of discussion where it might have been misunderstood to be an unidentified object that might belong anywhere in the universe but not of this planet.

There are various ways to put the lights on the balloon or inside the balloon. The lights may be power operated or might not be but overall this has been more convenient and efficient when compared to fireworks. The balloon carried light effect has been the topic of discussion for people since this effect’s original meaning was not known. It was misinterpreted for UFOs by people who did not know what exactly it is.

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