Al Jazeera is not just a word but a world hidden in this world. This word is used in systems of politics (governance and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, and the behavior) and media (everything related to mass communication and communication studies) to show or to represent how this new era of the virtual world (The era of computers, laptops, websites, and animations) has affected people. This effect has mainly empowered the voices of those groups or people whose voices were unheard before, due to the monopoly of our age-old media.


Media is a very powerful tool in today’s world. Nowadays media technology like television and other remote sensing satellite system has made viewing increasingly easy as time has passed. Children today are encouraged to use media tools in school and are expected to have a good, clear and broad understanding of the various technologies and techniques that are available in their surroundings, they are even taught to use them wisely. The internet is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools in media for communication tools such as e-mail (you can easily send emails to people sitting anywhere around the world), Skype (video calling and conferencing has been made easier than ever), and Facebook has brought people closer together and created new online communities where people of the same interest, thoughts, and feelings can connect.

In a large consumer-driven society, electronic media (such as television) and print media (such as newspapers) are important for distributing information from all around the world. More technologically advanced societies have access to goods and services through newer media than less those societies which are less advanced when we talk about technology. In addition to this “advertising” role, media is also used as a tool to share knowledge all around the world. Media helps in building up the connection between politics, culture and economic life and the society just like the newspaper that has a great advantage of first advertising and second to be up-to-date with all the current information of India as well as worldwide.


Al Jazeera came on the 1st of November 1996 and it is a word that has been derived from an Arabic-language television channel that was from Doha, a place in Qatar. The meaning of Al Jazeera is The Island in Arabic. It is named so because it claims to be the only independent news network in that area of we can say in the whole middle east. At first, it was a satellite TV channel which used to broadcast in Arabic language only but now with the advancement, there is also a channel in English, a sports channel, a conference channel, a documentary channel and a children’s channel. It started as a response to the fact that government in many countries from the Arab side strictly controlled most of the newspapers, TV programs and journalism, they broadcasted what they wanted to tell public so in short, it was all dominated by the government so there was a lack of free press available to the public and to the smaller sections of the society where they could express their views. As a result the viewing public did not respect journalism because they considered that most of the reporters just showed or spoke up what they were asked to, by the government, ruling party or political groups.

So to counter this problem of public the founders set up Al Jazeera just to overcome the dominant Western point of view of the Arabs and their cultural thoughts in the 20th century. For the first time the use of the term Al Jazeera was used by Philip Seib, who was the author of a very famous and worldwide renowned book “The Al Jazeera Effect: How the New Global Media Are Reshaping World Politics (2008)”. Henderson said the Al Jazeera effect originally indicated the Arab Middle East governments losing their monopoly (when someone dominates something in an area) on the information of their own, now because of the popularity and easy reach to the Al Jazeera satellite television media network, people are gaining much wider scope of information in giving as well as gaining the information.


It was also observed that the Al Jazeera effect was almost in parallel to the CNN effect (Cable News Network, it is an American news-based television channel that is owned by AT and Warner Media) this CNN effect is used in the relation to the mainstream, traditional media networks such as CNN, the Al Jazeera effect popularizes and generalizes this to newer media such as citizen journalism, people who own blogs, internet radio, and satellite broadcasting system. It was also argued upon that new media will strengthen the identity and give voice to previously marginalized groups who were unable to come up previously due to the lack of their media outlets which they can use according to their own needs. Many of the new media organizations are linked with such groups, social movements, or such similar organizations that work on a smaller scale. New media weaken the monopoly (dominance) of many states on information that was previously dominated by only one organization or the ruling party.   The new media, is not beyond being abused but is largely contributing to the democratic world and also a big political reform worldwide. The Al Jazeera effect has lead to changes in the politics of the Middle East which was realized in the early 2010s, with new media provoking a widespread debate and unrest within the region. The CNN effect and Al Jazeera effect have had a tremendous impact on policies and the government. They have both influenced many policies and also the government. The existence of such news organizations is now an important need for having global communications.

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